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TEC-HT Series


        The HT(high temperature)Series of Thermoelectric Modules (TECs) is considered ‘thestandard’ in the thermoelectric industry. Assembled with Bismuth Telluridesemiconductor material and thermally conductive Aluminum Oxide DBC(DirectBonding Copper) ceramics and High temperature solder. the HT Series is designed forhigher current,high-performance, highly reliablily,and high temperture environment.


DC operation and Precise temperature control
No sound or vibration and solid-state
High performance and high reliability
RoSH complicant
Provide the customization service


Chillers (Liquid Cooling)
Temperature stabilizer
Biological and medical instruments
Industrial and testing instruments
Beauty equipment

21x68.6V 12.5x12.53.8、5.9V 23x468.6V
30x63.8V 15x153.8、5.9V 25x253.8、5.9、15.4V
6.6x6.60.8V 30x154.2、7.6V 50x257.6、12.0V
8x308.6V 60x158.6V 30x3011.7、15.4V
10x100.8V 15.5x18.57.1V40x4015.4、19.5、24.1V
9.8x9.82.1V 20x203.8、5.9、8.6、15.4V44x478.6V
15x103.5V 20x254.7V 50x5015.4、24.1V
29x9.86.4V 30x205.7、12.9V 55x5529.2V
30x1011.4V 40x207.6、13.3V 62x6215.4V
60x107.6V 50x209.6V
60x1211.5V 23x238.6V